Team Bios


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I’m 44 years old and a bit of a history nut. The Chattanooga area is rich in just that and makes it easy to feel at home. I became interested in the paranormal field after I had an eerie experience that consumed me for weeks…
One night I was remodeling a room in the basement. It was an old house, and had been making peculiar noises for most of that night. I had written it off as the house just settling in. As I turned the lights off to head upstairs, a shadow rushed from the wall in front of me. I stood there, jolted. My heart was still racing as I slowly paced. Hair raised on my arms as I lumbered through spots of chilliness where the shadow had passed.
Soon after, I was adamantly drawn to a well-known local paranormal group. Over the past several years, I’ve learned a great deal about the field and the dangers of investigation. I’ve diligently learned the equipment, polished my own skills, and eventually grown a desire to take a different approach than the group I was with. It was time to branch off, and Supernatural Research Team (S.R.T.) was formed with new tenants.
bio-christyChristy I’m  24 years old I currently residing in the Chattanooga,Tennessee area. I had some experiences in the past as a child. As an adult, no longer afraid, it sparked my curiosity to learn more about the paranormal. I would love to experience much more and get answers to see what else is out there roaming among the living. I’ve always loved the thrill of being out with the other members of S.R.T., and have been a member of the group since it started.
FullSizeRender (3)Darla  I am 43 years old, I live in the Chattanooga ,TN. area. Growing up a sensitive I was attracted to the spirit world and wondered what exactly was holding them back.  I sought out to find the truths,  their stories left behind, and why they are still here. I met the team and joined in on a few investigations and also public events.  Given an invitation of becoming a member and approval from my family I gladly accepted to become part of the S.R.T family. 


 I am 44 years old , I live in the Chattanooga,TN area . I have been drawn to the paranormal since a very young age being brought up in a house having lots of paranormal activity.  Leaving me with questions I needed to find the answers for concerning the afterlife . How is this possible, Why are they still here , unfinished business, holding back to stay with loved ones , etc.  I jumped at the chance to join as a team member upon the invitation from S.R.T along with the loving support of my family and friends I now pursue my greatest  passion researching the claims in the field .